Kimchi fried rice recipe

 Hello everyone, during the Chinese New Year holidays last week, and while some cable providers offered free channels for a period of time, it was haven!! So you could imagine I spent lots of time watching tv at home!

Anyway thanks to this opportunity I feasted my eyes on all the food channels. Then a dish inspired me and since it was CNY (Chinese new year) this dish looked pretty apt for the festive season. Kimchi fried rice or kimchi bokkeumbap looks easy to prepare and delicious at the same time. This Korean dish is popular amongst all age groups…

While I do not know the exact ingredients or how to prepare, I just improvised with what I had. My ingredients were quite simple. The amount of each ingredient depends on individual liking. This was a potion for 4 and I had too little kimchi and the juice I reckon. Could have been better with more kimchi and juice as more tangy!

The preparation steps were simple too. Heat some vegetable oil and sautéed the chopped spring onions till fragrant

 Stir in the chopped kimchi for a min or 2

 Add the pork luncheon cubes till slightly crisp on the sides

 Add cabbage and sesame oil 

Cover the pot and letting the cabbage cook for a min or 2. Stir and this is the result 

Now stir in the kimchi juice and 1 tablespoon of doubanjiang. Then add the rice (I used multi grain rice)

Depending on your preference for a stronger flavor, you may add more soy sauce, more doubanjiang or sesame oil. 

Sunny side ups are a must, add some chopped coriander, seasoned seaweed and maybe some kecap manis and the dish is complete! 

  This dish though simple was really delicious! The huby had 2 big servings and the sister happened to like it too! Mission accomplished for a simple and quick meal. Glad it was well received!  

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