Keisuke Kani King – crab broth ramen anyone?

 Keisuke Kani King ramen is conveniently located on level 1 (street level) of Cineleisure, right in the middle of Orchard Road. It’s another of chef Keisuke Takeda’s creation. 

The decor of Kani King is similar to Tori King’s. Love the colorful retro signages, pages of manga/ Japanese comics pasted on the pillars and wooden furnishings. Japanese music blasting in the background could be toned down a little. 

 Ordering style is similar to Tori king’s too. Each diner is provided an order sheet to check order and preferences.

We ordered the rich soup special and Kani tama ramens. While waiting for our orders to arrive, we had starters of seasoned cabbage and bean sprouts. The special ramen soup had rich crab taste and was delicious. The omelette ramen while delicious was slightly disappointing as the crab tasted like crab stick instead of real crab meat. 
 We have not tried lobster King. But comparing Kani King to tori King, I’d prefer tori King as I’m biased towards chicken base ramen with chicken meat. And tori king’s nicely grilled chicken drumstick beats sliced pork/ Charsiew ramens hands down. Though, the crab thick soup was really delicious!

Patrons of ktv and movie theaters would be glad to know Kani King opens till late on weekends.

Mon – thur: 1200 to 1500; 1700 – 2200

Fri and PH eve: 1200 to 1500; 1700 – 0200

Sat: 1200 – 0200

Sun: 1200 – 2200

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