Naughty Nuri’s @ Capitol Singapore

We did not really think much about Naughty Nuri’s opening in Singapore because we weren’t impressed with the food at Batubelig (Seminyak Bali) where it’s called Hog Wild in Bali

Nevertheless we decided to give it a try as some of us haven’t been to Bali. So there’s 6 of us and we booked a table the day before. The restaurant is situated right at the entrance of Capitol building, diagonally opposite Raffles City. It’s an open concept so do not expect privacy unless seated on the upper level.

So the menu is very different from Bali’s. No beef ribs, no sausages, no nachos… Ok not a bad thing, so we ordered their Indonesian Pig Out set meal for 2 – 3 pax they say, but it’s quite sufficient for 4.

 We ordered extra 1/2 rack ribs, fries, burnt squid and a plate of brown rice and it was just right for 6 of us.

The dishes were served after 15 – 20min, a slight wait when there were only 3 tables including us but food was generally good. Ribs were quite tender and flavorful, bones were removed quite easily. Fried tofu was average on its own but good with their dark sweet chili sauce. Soup buntut or oxtail soup was very tasty and full of beefy goodness. Sambal prawns were fiery and spicy. Burnt squid which did not look burnt unless they meant grill was good but not spectacular. Lemak chili party which was a very fragrant curry chicken thigh was one of my favorites, spicy coconuty, tender chicken was yums. Indon buffalo drumlets were sweet and tasty while the crunch is still present. Nasi goreng was my other favorite as the rice was cooked al dente so still very firm, the runny yolk and the savory rice was such a nice combination while the chicken pieces were tender and fragrant, mixed with some sweet sour pickles, spells mmmmm. The fries were noteworthy, so crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and salted just right!! For dessert, the gula Melaka creme brûlée with coconut ice cream was rich and creamy but not overly sweet, one of the best creme brûlée by far. 

While service wasn’t top notch, they are a pretty young crew so perhaps some training and polishing will help improve. The food made up for the average service. The meal cost us a total of less than $140 which was a pretty good price. We should be back to try more of their dishes…. Till then…

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