i light Marina Bay


Singapore maybe small but there are occasional events which can be pretty interesting. One example is i light at Marina bay.This sustainable light art festival runs from 4 – 27 Mar and starts daily from 7.30pm to 11pm on weekdays, up till midnight on Fri and sat.
We started walking from Jubilee Bridge, past the Merlion, One Fullerton, the crowded restaurants and there were some displays just past Fullerton Bay Hotel around the corners of OUE Bayfront. 

Other than the exhibits, there are also different activities on different days like musicals, bazaar and carnivals, yoga, tribute to LKY, earth hour, night skating and many more. For more details check out the i light website. Many crowd around to take photos and there were some much loved by kids like the soapy bubble displays which require some ‘work’ to activate bubbles… The kids were having so much fun! 

Here are some of the exhibits we found interesting… 

Angel of freedom


The Tudor heartbeat kaleidoscopic display  


Soapy fun!!        



The whole walking tour was about 4km. Good workout and nice walk after dinner around that area. Though it was raining heavily just before we arrived and was very crowded on the Sunday we were there, we still enjoyed the walk. For the stretch without exhibits, we basically walked into MBS to enjoy the air conditioning and window shop.


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