New Zealand – Taupo, the lake, the cruise & cherry island

Taupo is a place we enjoyed most in New Zealand. So far all the places we’ve been within the north island were peaceful… never crowded or noisy and pretty much the same serene feeling in every town or city. 

Taupo however impressed us the most. The best hotel we stayed was at Hilton Lake Taupo. We enjoyed the best views along our drive to Taupo and the food here is also pretty decent (we will share in our later posts)… we walked around the vast lake and also went on a Chris Jolly cruise.

The cruise to see the Maori rock carvings

Sea plane and ‘steam’ boat

Ducks & swans around Lake Taupo 

Cherry island which is a little island by itself in the middle of Taupo on the Waikato river 

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