More of Taupo – aratiatia rapids, huka falls, craters of the moon

Taupo is beautiful and in our previous post we explored the lake, went on the cruise & took a look at cherry island. In this post we’ll be exploring more of the rapids, falls and craters left by the volcanic movements in the past.

Aratiatia rapids

One of the scenes used in The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug. There are different water release timings in summer and winter. So do check the schedule Here before heading down. Walk  leisurely in the park to get to the lower and upper lookouts.

Huka falls

Craters of the moon

For those interested in bubbling craters & steaming vents, this is a must visit. The air smells slightly sulphuric. There are many caution signs around but the vents are near the walkways and some plank flooring maybe softer. Do walk with caution.

Take a climb up to the highest point in crater of the moon towards the end of the walk, be rewarded with this view

In our next post we’ll be sharing the restaurants and food we’ve tried. Please stay tuned!

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