Luodong Taiwan – night market, food & forestry garden 

Our last post was of Villa Loherb in Luodong amongst paddy fields. In this post we will share some food outlets, night market and the forestry culture garden we visited. 

It rained quite abit when we were there in Oct so that made exploring and taking photos not as enjoyable and convenient. But we still did anyway.

Luodong forestry culture garden – for info on its past present and future developments, please visit this Link.

發伯霸王猪脚 – uncle far pig trotters – for those who like tender and succulent pork trotters, this may be your choice. Opposite this trotter shop, there’s 正常鲜肉小笼汤包 (xiaolongbao or dragon buns) which were average but very popular.

好森咖啡 – hao sen ka fei- a cosy cafe which serves healthy meals, sells cha tzu tang toiletries and products and some knick knacks. An interesting shop good for those who like healthy and nutritious meals! Very nice homemade jam and soups.

财记臭豆腐 – caiji choidoufu – smelly tofu stall just outside of the nightmaket is very popular, the seats were always full. This shop serves smelly tofu in a few variations – steamed, spicy / mala, deep fried, cheese version and more…

Luodong night market – this is currently my favorite night market which we went on 2 out of 3 nights! Must try the 

dragon Phoenix roll (龙凤腿)

糕渣卜肉 (gaozha burou) gaozha is some chicken pork prawn mash into ‘radish cake’ like texture then cut into cubes and deep fried; burou is deep fried meat, both were so good!

三星葱多饼 – sanxing cong duobing – spring onion ball full of greens and some minced meat. Very juicy and satisfying!

臭薯条 – smelly tofu fries – not as pungent so quite palatable for most. Convenient to eat as we walk.

3 side by side stalls outside a temple selling toriyaki, deep fried mushroom and yam balls – all were must tries, very delicious. Yam ball which we tried in a famous stall in a Taipei night market (will post later) was not as good as this.

Other food we tried or came across 

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