Getting to Taipei from Luodong

Getting to Taipei is quite easy and convenient even with huge luggages. There were various options like taxi which will cost more than NT 2000 or train and bus (客运).

As taxi is costly, we went for the bus as we are guaranteed a seat, enjoy the view along the way and costs lesser than some trains.  

From Villa loherb, we took a short taxi ride to Luodong train station bus interchange. There are various companies offering the service, pick one that suits your time and drop off location. Our ride took about an hour to taipei train station and costs only NT120. There was only 1 stop before Taipei train station.

Along the way we saw lotsa greenery

From Taipei train station, we took another short taxi ride to Via Hotel Taipei Main Station. The staff there were very friendly and helpful. The room though not big, was comfortable. I really like their toiletries from cha tzu tang.

There were different ‘help yourself’ amenities at the lobby.

Also free flow instant noodles, snacks and hot/ cold drinks for guests

This is our room

We’ll be sharing more about Taipei in the next post.

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