Taipei – ningxia night market (宁夏夜市) & more food

It’s been a long time since our last post! How is everyone? The past month have been rather busy with work and we are back to continue posting more of taipei!

Last November was our first time at Ningxia night market. It was not such a bolig market but the stretch was filled with delicious food anyway… after which we will post some of the restaurants and eating places which we thought were good.

Ningxia night market

– beans village (豆花庄) for delicious bean curd dessert

– deep fried hotdog buns

– black and white sesame mochi 

– yam balls, soup, grilled squid and many more

We like that it wasn’t a complicated night market as stalls lined the sides in 1 row so we don’t miss anyone.

Smith & Hsu 

We felt that this place was way overrated. Tea set was overpriced and the food quality was normal. We’d very much prefer having tea at hotel elcat

陈记酒酿饼 – Chen’s wine cakes

These cakes came in a few flavors, plain, red bean, radish and 

They were a little dry but I really love the flavor or the Chinese wine and sweetish dough. The radish was savory so the whole cake was really enjoyable.

温州大馄饨 – Wenzhou wantons

Various locations, serve reasonably priced wantons, soup, side dishes, noodles and rice.

这一锅 – top one pot

We thought this chain of hot pot was quite impressive. Great soup base and the mala (麻辣) ingredients in the soup like blood jelly and tofu could be refilled many times and they were flavorful! The braised big intestines were also delicious!! Not for those who need to watch their weight!

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