Creamy oatbran brunch

Busy? No time ? But want a healthy easy meal? 5min is all it takes to make this creamy goodness that has this crunchy texture similar to tobiko (flying fish roe) which I like.

I ‘accidentally’ started having oatbran because 2 packets were purchased instead of oatmeal in a hurry while grocery shopping and so it’s an opportunity to try something different. But this dish is similar to making oat porridge.

Oatbran is the 2nd layer of the oat grain, right after the inedible layer is removed. It’s a healthy and delicious way to add fiber into our diets. For more information this Oatbran vs oatmeal site provides a good summary. Do note that oatbran soaks up alot of liquids so have enough milk on standby if more’s preferred.

For more liquidy texture, add around 1/8 cup more of either liquids. For a creamer texture, the amount indicated should work. Toppings like nuts and fruits are optional and can vary to suit different tastes
*once water/milk is added pan will sizzle due to temp difference. **some salt brings out the flavor of the oatbran and improves its taste
Simple oatbran meal with just some warm water

I had an extra bowl after the nuts and fruits version and prepared a savory bowl with shredded chicken in sambal hijau, coriander, spring onions, and chili powder for another meal.

Satisfying oatbran meal with turmeric tea

It’s so simple to make, we can have fresh sweet or savory meals anytime. Alternatively, cook up a batch, store it in the fridge. Whenever needed just scoop up some, mix with water or milk and heat in the microwave for 1 to 2min. Enjoy!!

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