Easy banana bread

Do you have some over-riped bananas which are too soft or mushy to consume by itself? Not sure what to do with them and want to make the most of them? How about making some easy banana bread?

This recipe adapted from The Kitchn was forgiving as described and rather fool proof. True to what the site mentioned, no mixer nor blender is required. Having a fork, whisk and spatula is enough. Ingredients were simple too. I tried this recipe with self raising and cake flour, both worked well with slight tweaks.

The only difference on both my attempts were the flour, ground cinnamon added to attempt 2 and attempt 2 had 10min longer bake time. The amount of flour were the same. Let’s go through the ingredients which should all be around room temperature… (note – preheat oven to 180degc)

The bananas I used on both tries were very ripe, to the extent of limp and soft and they were perfect! On my 1st attempt using self raising flour, there was no ground cinnamon. Added 1/2 tsp on my 2nd attempt with cake flour. A little more milk i.e. 1/4 cup can be used for a very moist outcome.

Melted butter is the best to work with as the batter was very smooth. On the 2md attempt, butter was softened and the batter wasn’t as smooth but still worked well.
I added 1/4 cup milk in both attempts as wanted to experiment with bake time
The bananas were so ripe and mushy I did not have to mash much
Mix well
It’s really that easy, as long as the flour is folded into the mixture, and theres no more visible powder, it’s done!
Give the tin a few tap to release the air bubbles. Around 30min into baking, the bread should rise well

I love seeing the crack and browning on the top. It’s like the cake is happy and smiling though it really means that the top is set before the cake stops rising. To avoid the top being too brown, foil can be used to lightly cover the top but I like that the top is slightly crispy (on my 2nd try as baked 10min more)

Attempt 1 – using self rising flour without cinnamon was really soft, moist, fluffy and light. Surprised at the texture without needing to beat up a mixture full of air. Depending on the oven, slightly shorter or longer baking time maybe needed.
Attempt 1 – moist and soft
Attempt 2 – with cake flour and cinnamon. This time baked for 80min as wanted to experiment with a slightly drier bready texture and it turned out with a nice crispy top and slightly firmer texture than attempt 1
Attempt 2 – longer baking time, slightly drier but still as good

Loving both versions as the 1st was more cake like though when heated in a toaster oven still crisps a little on the top, and the 2nd was more ‘bread’ like. This recipe’s going to stay and become a ‘staple’ in my kitchen!!

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