Comforting & healthy one pot chicken vege stew

Working from home provides flexibility but may also be days of “continuously stuck to our laptops with little or no breaks”… on such days I’d either order delivery or make something quick and easy, but not compromising taste!

It’s not very common that the supermarket nearby stocks so many types fresh herbs. But one fine day I was lucky. They had sweet basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, and mint. Happily, I got some versatile thyme and decided I could make a vege chicken stew and bake with the remainder.

If a thicker consistency is preferred, add 2 tbsp of cornstarch mixed with some water and add to pot before returning the cut/ shredded chicken
Add some pepper or chili or paprika powder for some heat if preferred

A huge pot like this was enough for a few meals. Makes it really easy to heat up for lunch on a busy day. It didn’t cost much to buy the ingredients and preparation was straightforward. For variety, use your favourite vegetables like kale, wombok, radish, pumpkin, etc… chicken can be replaced with lean pork, beef, or fish.

Hope this recipe helped you with a quick and easy but satisfying meal!

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