Lemon & thyme olive oil cake

In my previous post, with the fresh thyme available at a nearby supermarket, made a pot of Chicken vege stew enough for a few meals. With the remainder of the thyme, made a lemon & thyme olive oil cake with yoghurt, low in sugar and minimized reduction in food wastage.

Use good extra virgin olive oil (evoo). After removing thyme leaves, do not throw twigs away but use them to infuse the sugar.
This recipe was good for 2 loaves. A bigger one and a slightly smaller tin. To make the cake cutting easier after baking, remove the rind from lemon before cutting into thin slices and coating with sugar. But if you do not mind a slightly chewy (QQ) texture, leave the rind after zesting and juicing.
Note – ensure the eggs and sugar are at room temperature, beat till pale and fluffy before adding the other wet ingredients
To enhance the cake flavor, thyme leaves and lemon zest can be added in step 4. In step 5, when the evoo and yoghurt were added, the egg sugar mixture thinned out and while mixer was on, mixture splattered abit even when using the lowest speed. Be careful and use a deeper bowl if possible or alternate flour and yoghurt/ evoo
The batter should be quite smooth and thick, do run a fork through batter to release air bubbles before garnishing
I really need to improve on lining the baking tins, too messy 😓
The cake did not brown very much, after baking for about 45min, cakes were still rather pale. Just use a skewer to test the doneness. If skewer comes out clean, they’re done. Let them cool for 15min and remove from tins and parchment paper to further cool completely.
My only gripe was the rind, which made cutting abit tricky and had to use serrated knife. Otherwise I welcome the texture of the rind.
A simple and rather ‘healthy’ cake
So glad this 1st attempt turned out well 😊 the cake was moist, fragrant, and tangy with a touch of sweetness…
Made a batch of rare tofu cheesecake which will not set even overnight in the fridge. So decided to have with this cake warmed (I just warmed cake in a toaster oven for about 2 min lemon slices side up. When there’s fragrance, flip it up to the thyme and zest side for another min) and it was perfect! Hope to improve on this cake the next time, to remember to run a fork through batter to remove air bubbles before baking and make a fresh batch of rare tofu cheesecake creme to accompany this cake!

If you try this recipe, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did and please share how it turned out for you.

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