Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe

Tsukada Nojo’s specialty is Bijin Nabe (美人锅, beauty hotpot) made from the best chicken stock found in Miyazaki, Japan.

Golden Jidori chicken stock that is boiled and simmered for over 8 hours is used as the hotpot base. Only jidori chicken bones, water and salt are used for the golden broth. The broth is rich in collagen and it is super tasty!

The pot comes in huge solid chunks of collagen melted into the golden broth in minutes. When the chunks melt, huge pieces of chicken are revealed. Little teacups were provided to savor the soup in its original taste. Next, try the chicken with a few condiments such as leek oil, yuzu sanshio paste or chili paste.

Next, cook the lettuce, black & white fungus, winter melon, watermelon radish, beancurdpuff, yellow zucchini, spinach, water spinach, enoki mushroom, prawns, tsukune and yuzu peel in the broth and viola, a beautiful meal is complete! What’s best, we could ask for unlimited top ups of the golden broth which never lack taste and consistency, unlike most hotpot restaurants where the topped up stock is always bland. Quality guaranteed at this place!

We also ordered the famous onigiri which were not fantastic, they were rather plain for our liking.

This place is perpetually packed or rather always a queue so go early to get seats. Price per person starts at $25++ which is not too bad for a satisfying collagen rich beauty meal!

We were also given loyalty cards which entitled us to entrees and other dishes as we ‘upgrade’. The more we patronize, the more perks. After dinner dessert were also provided. We had a tiny piece of green tea pudding each.

23 Jan 2014: added pics for ramen. Equally yummy but they use roasted chicken instead.








Tsukada Nojo




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