Menya Takeichi – Eat At Seven – Suntec City

 Eat at seven consists of ‘top restaurants with top queues in Japan’… And we were there to try their ‘Tokyo No 1 chicken ramen’ Menya Takeichi.

We love chicken ramen and have tried some of the really delicious ones at Tori KingMarutama ramen and Tsukada Nojo. They were all good in their own ways. And  thus we had high expectations of Menya Takeichi being Tokyo’s no. 1. 

The queue started to form about 30min before the restaurant opened (opening hours are 11.30am – 3pm and 5.30 – 10.30pm). By the time they started operations, all tables would be occupied. 

There were a few flavors to choose from. Special rich shoyu ramen $16.50; special rich shio ramen $16.50; special rich spicy ramen $17.50; special ramen $15.50. They also serve tsukemen. We ordered the special rich shio ramen. 


The soup was thick and tasty, noodles were al dente and the eggs were creamy in the center. My only gripe was the chicken. There were lightly grilled chicken slices, poached breast slices and minced meatballs. All were rather tasteless and the breast slices were a little dry. 

There was a jug of broth on each table for top ups and it changed the original ramen collagen paitan (白汤)  into something else and I preferred the original paitan. They also provided fish powder and black chili powder to add on.
Overall the experience at Menya Takeichi was average. Would prefer the other chicken ramen mentioned earlier over this.

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