Shanghai – shopping & relaxing! (Day 2)

Shanghai is an interesting place with a balance of arts, historical buildings, food and shopping.

French concession – A Côté pizzeria (7/10)
Located at Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu, near Tai’an Lu in the Xuhui area was a nice place. There were several restaurants tucked in 376 Wukang Lu, on the outside you’ll find a nice florist.
Pizzas here are good, we had the cold aubergine Parmesan, Royale Blanche, champignon rouges and Nutella pizzas. Prices here were reasonable.
Next to 376 was a Farine French bakery which sells gourmet breads and pastries. Prices at this bakery were on the steep side.






Tianzifang – shopping haven, local crafts (9/10)
Love this place! Full of interesting stuff like cute Cafes, local crafts, handmade candies, local designer clothings, street snacks, etc… Bought a cashmere shawl and wool jacket from here from local designers. Spent the most at this place! The shanghai salty tofu was yums, must try!
There was also a wet market in the middle of Tianzifang!







Haidilao – famous steamboat (8/10)
This place was huge! Queue was amazingly long! And while you wait, there are games to play, manicure counters, snacks (we got this unique popcorn which was not too sweet or salty and had a nutty taste) and tea provided and kids’ section with a staff leading the kids in dancing! They are really thoughtful. Toilet has an attendant handing out warm towels after you wash your hands. Food was good, fresh and tasty. Soup stock was tasty and not the kind where water is topped up. The same flavorful stock was refilled. Price was really reasonable. We had so much we could not finish, including seafood and all for less than CNY 340.




Oriental Taipan spa (8/10)
Very nice and classy spa which offers most kinds of scrubs, massage, facials. We had foot and body massage with senior masseuse for CNY 381 (135min) which maybe costly in China but reasonable in Singapore.


What a relaxing and fruitful day…. Ahhhh…

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