Chat Thai – haymarket Sydney

Cravings for Thai food when one’s several hours away from the authentic stuff can be hard to bear. It’s not easy to find a one stop with authentic Thai street snacks and food outside of Thailand. But lucky Sydneyians are in for a treat. Chat Thai is where you’d wana be. Within a small restaurant, they have a section that makes fresh Thai snacks like coconut crispy crepes (khonam bueang/ buaing), coconut pancakes or puddings (khonam krok/ croak), fried bananas/ banana fritters (kluay tod), etc… Feels like Thailand….

We tried a few dishes but some did not have photos. The grilled chicken (gai yang) was really good! The fragrant grilled chicken was accompanied by tamarind chili sauce, so savory and tangy. The chili fried rice was next, it’s basically basil chicken chili fried rice with a sunny side up, it was so so delicious! We also had the pork leg rice (khao kha moo, photo below) which was really fragrant but as it was on the sweet side, I preferred the savory version at Siam Paragon in Bangkok. The spicy sausage (sai oua, photo below) hit the spot, the sausage slices were spicy, savory and grilled to perfection.

Unfortunately we did not have space for desserts which was a pity, but the menu is included below.

They open at about 10am and there’s already quite a few tables by 1030am. By lunchtime, be prepared to queue outside the restaurant as it is really really popular! When you arrive at the restaurant, put your name on a wait list and sit in front of the snack counter or stand outside the restaurant to be called. IMG_6469.JPG






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