Quay restaurant – Peter Gilmore

We made a reservation to dine here 3 months ago and their weekend slots were already full then. We had to pick a weekday.

This restaurant is helmed by Peter Gilmore, who guest stars in Masterchef where the ‘snow egg’ was made famous. Quay is also one of the worlds best 50 restaurants since years ago. When we visit Sydney, Quay is always a must visit.

The tasting/ degustation menu is the easiest to choose as the chef decides the dishes. This menu is available for both lunch and dinner at AUD$225 per pax. For dinner, diners can also go for a 4 course at AUD$175 per pax. Wine pairings go for an additional AUD$95 for classic wines and more for premium ones.

The condition for each table is that all diners must choose the same number of courses and dishes which may be a little limiting for bigger groups. However, they consider allergies or any food diners do not consume and will recommend or accommodate if possible.

The restaurant is located strategically at Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay. It overlooks both the Sydney harbor bridge and opera house! The last time we were here 2years ago, we were seated facing the bridge. This time, we faced the opera house.

Amuse bouche
Oxtail consommé potato cream truffle – so delicious, the beef consommé tasted so good and the potato so smooth and creamy!


Then our dinner starts with the following menu:


Raw beetroot, rosehip cultured cream Manjimup truffle, violets – this was interesting, there were crunchy bits in it which were bread crumbs soaked in pomegranate molasses, topped with quick frozen shaved cream


Congee of Northern Australian mud crab, fresh palm heart, egg yolk emulsion
– yummy with an Asian taste due to the congee (broken rice porridge) and the slight gingery stock


XO Sea five sea textures – this also tasted slightly Asian as prawn, octopus, scallops, were cleverly cooked in xo sauce and garnished with crispy Parma ham or similar


Smoked and confit pig cheek scallop, kombu, koji, shitake, sesame
– oh so good, the pork cheek was so tender and the crispy accompaniments texturized the dish


Roasted masterstock duck persimmon, black rice, miso endive cream, kailan blossoms
– smokey, tender piece of duck with interesting accompaniments especially the persimmon below everything


Grass fed pure Angus beef cultured fermentation of black barley smoked and raw funghi – the crunchy barley were a little hard but other than that had a nice crunchy texture for the dish


Snow egg – highlight of the night, the sophisticated dessert everyone raves about has got an interesting texture (tastes like egg white and custard within a shell) sits on custard apple granite



Chocolate ethereal – slices of crispy accompaniments on nutty chocolate


The meal ends with tea or coffee and petit fours (4 different kinds of chocolates)

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