Meat & Wine Co – Southbank Melbourne

Located strategically at Southbank, just across the street from Crown Casino overlooks the city skyscrapers across the river.

The 3 level restaurant sits diners on levels 1 and 3 and in level 2 is where the bar or waiting area is. The receptionist ushered us to the bar and once the table was ready, calls out for us.

This restaurant serves decent steak and ribs and true to it’s name, they were good! We ordered Sichuan squid to start, Monte Gold New Yorker and a full rack of pork ribs. For wines, we started with the armchair critic heathcote Shiraz and Kay Brothers Cuthbert cab sav for the meats. For the sides, we had salad and chips. The chips or fries were thick cut and they were very delicious, crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside and they were seasoned nicely. I really enjoyed the good wines, ribs and chips, what a satisfying dinner!









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