Michel’s – Novotel Collins St

Michel’s or Lane’s is a hotel restaurant which is casual and cafe like. The dim lights made the place cosy and relaxing. Servers were friendly and attentive.

The menu wasn’t very impressive, however there was one very good dish, the ribeye steak. IMG_7001.JPG




We had 2 entrees – the pan seared duck breast (no photo) which was abit sinewy and tough and the house cured ocean trout which was quite ordinary. The chips (fries) which were a side were pretty decent thought would have liked them more crispy on the outside.



Our mains were pan seared tenderloin (no photo) which was pretty ordinary. The twice cooked apple glazed otway pork belly which sounded grand but the pork itself was bland though pretty well cooked through as was tender, sweet potato and onion as accompaniments were really nice. Then the star of the night was the Gippsland ribeye steak which was grilled perfectly, juicy and fragrant. Mushrooms which came with the dish were also delicious.



Dessert was disappointing. The sticky date pudding did not taste of date and did not have enough caramel sauce.


A meal here is pretty reasonable if you have the Accor advantage plus membership which gives 50% off for 2 diners.

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