More delicious food at Siam Paragon

In this relaxing trip, we did not travel far but mainly stayed around the hotel. And so most of our meals were settled at Siam Paragon.

In this post, there is roast duck, duck rice noodles, banana pancake, Portuguese egg tarts and puffs, fried vegetarian snacks and cold pressed juice.

Roast duck from Four Seasons. Tried the same in London and it was very good especially the sauce (special black soy sauce). This time we packed it back as a snack. For about 400g, we paid 410 baht. Tasted just as good.




Duck rice noodle was very popular but I did not fancy it. Loved the duck blood though. I do not know what English Peking duck meant, duck from England?




Banana pancake – like a prata, the guy swings the dough around to a desired size then adds the sliced banana with egg mixture. He then folds the dough into a square and fries both sides for about 5min in total. The pancake is then cut into bite size and served.





Portuguese egg tarts and puffs – Kanom fashion bakery. For the health conscious, they have the egg white option. We opted for the egg yolk ones. The sausage pie which was actually a roll was just average. I fancy the pastries could be hot or at least warm so that they could be tastier.



Deep fried snacks – this stall just opposite the supermarket sells sweet potato balls and strips, taro strips, banana chips for 30 baht a bag. You can have a mixture or your favorite types. We loved the banana chips but a pity they were not hot or warm, else they would taste much better.


Cold pressed fruit juices inside the supermarket called moooooood & juice was really good! I loved the pomegranate.


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