Whole Earth Vegetarian Restaurant

This is my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. Located conveniently across Tanjong Pagar MRT along Peck Seah Street, it’s easy to get to and very near Chinatown. The restaurant is very basic and plain but the food is packed with flavor! And they are actually made with soy beans, mushrooms and all things vegetarian even though their names don’t reflect so.

My favorite dishes and photos following in order were Panang Rendang, oatmeal tofu, tamarind fish and long beans with tempeh. 


Other dishes which were pretty good were olive fried rice, fish noodle soup, kong bah (braised meat) and vegetable roll. 


Try their refreshing lemongrass drink as well! We had it cold but there is also the warm/ hot version. The meal for 6 cost about $165. Not cheap but satisfying!

Info on Whole Earth

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