Tarragona, Spain – where Roman ruins reside

Tarragon is the place to be if you are keen to learn more about the Roman times. Beautifully located next to the sea, it’s both scenic and full of history. 

The roman ruins which remained were still impressive after having seen the Devil’s bridge. We arrived at the end of Rambla Nova where we got great views of the port and sea. 


We then headed towards the roman amphitheater. 


The roman circus where military trainings occurred and the Pretorium.



Ruin in roman forum square 


Cyclopean masonry – limestone boulders roughly fitted made into walls 


Street art on walls 


The cathedral – recinte de culte. 


More of the Roman circus 


Surroundings in tarragona  


Yummy lunch of fideuà, beer, sangria (rambla Vella) and gelato 


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