Dining experience in Milan 

Having only 1.5 days in Milan, it was really quite a mad rush to squeeze dining, sightseeing and shopping in Milan. So everything was impromptu, ate whatever was around us and shopped where we were. Shopping and sightseeing will be shared in the next post.

The food we ate

S. Gregorio on Via S. Gregorio 


It was a crowded, noisy, small establishment which seemed popular for their pastries but did not look or feel very organized or clean. Prices were reasonable, less than €20 for both risotto (shrimp, spinach saffron) and pizza (ham, mixed vege). Taste wise not as good as I’d expect of Italian food. Have tasted better in Singapore. We went there as it was very near our Hotel and we were famished.

Torrefazione Il Caffè Ambrosiano 

We could smell the fragrance of the coffee beans from this hole in the wall cafe when we walk past. Most people just stand around for their cuppa, have a little sweet treat and leave. Amazingly quick service and delicious aromatic coffee whether espresso, ristretto, cafe latte, you name it, they have it. This cafe is also close to our Hotel located along Corso buenos aires.

BE Steak 

Conveniently located at a hidden mall (la rinascente) near the Duomo on level 7, quite a popular bar/ restaurant. Generous serving of bread and many types of salt for the meats. We ordered the Asado which was beef rib served cut up, how convenient! Lovely flavors without more seasoning from the medium doneness. The grilled Veges were also good. 

Gelato cafes around the Duomo 


Every cafe looked good! we’re in Milan, how bad can gelatos taste?!

Di Gennaro Pizzeria 

Nice family restaurant which was packed when we had lunch there at about 2pm. Ordered a bottle of chianti which was pretty easy drinking, swordfish steak which was flavorful with generous serving of olives and squid stuffed with couscous. The meal cost us about €55.

Italian Macas! 


Can’t resist posting this, Italian MacDonalds is awesome, they have too many items on their menu which we would never get in Singapore, or any Asia pacific branches except perhaps Australia for some Angus beef burger?

Ristorante Alba D’oro 

The best restaurant in this very short trip, recommended by the hotel. Good service, friendly chef, tasty home cooked food, favored by the locals. What more could we ask… Chardonnay and went well with the excellent octopus carpaccio, flavorful paccheri stuffed with salted cod and the highly recommended suckling pig with potatoes. We were also offered complimentary shots of limoncello. Our last meal in Milan was indeed satisfying! Burp!

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