Angelina Singapore yay or nay?

Angelina is no stranger to Parisian gourmets, the rich and famous. Its Austrian founder named this patisserie after his daughter in law. They are known for their hot chocolate and mont blanc. It’s now here in Singapore and I’m sure many would go goo goo and gaga over it. 

So, we were at Capitol Piazza on the 3rd day of Angelina’s opening back in May. This post is way overdue as I was hesitant to write about it. Let me tell you why…

We happened to walk past and there was no queue, decided to give it a try knowing it’s French but not knowing it’s such a well known patisserie from Paris. We did not order what they were known for. However, 2 guests who were seated after us did and their comments to themselves were “hot chocolate is too thick and the mont blanc was too sweet”. Fortunately or unfortunately we overheard as we were just next to them. This may be individual preferences and as we did not try their specialties, we could not comment.

Instead, we ordered their Traditional crusted onion soup $17, gratin dauphinois (potato gratin) $9 and though they looked delicious, we were very disappointed as both dishes were overly salty for us who like our food flavorful and well salted. At least the Dessert, Tentation was fine. It’s a pastry with caramel, passionfruit, raspberry compote and vanilla cream dessert, tasted decent but nothing special. 

 We feedback about the dishes and hope they would perhaps taste the food before they were served. If asked if we would be back, we’d probably say no thanks.

The menu is included below for reference 

 If you’ve had a good experience or tried anything exceptional from Angelina’s please share with us. 

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