The Coastal Settlement

Back in Feb 2015, we explored Changi Point Coastal walk and went into the coastal settlement to have a look. 4 months later, we finally had an opportunity to try their drinks and snacks.

This restaurant/ cafe really feels like a blast from the past with all the porcelain vases, scooters, hot water flasks, cash register, old school TV and turntable. 

 The tables were arranged with lots of cosy corners and sections so small or big groups could have some privacy. See more seating photos from my previous post.

 We ordered an iced caramel latte and virgin mojito, dory fish bites and spam fries. 

 food and drinks were good, especially the virgin mojito, though no alcohol, it was flavorful till the last sip, kinda reminded me of the version from Spain At Brown33. The fish bites were crispy but we did not seem to taste any Tom yum in the mayo. The spam fries were yummy but too salty on its own. 


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