O’ma Spoon Patbingsu

Many locals young and old love Korean series, movies, reality shows, and of course food! To beat the Singapore heat, we chose to go for a bowl of patbingsu (red beans with shaved ice).

O’ma spoon it is… We’ve walked past this not so new dessert stall but it’s always packed, we lost interest. However as its really early at about 11am, the place was empty and we decided to try.


The premium bingsus aren’t exactly affordable, they can be equivalent to a main course in some restaurants! We went for the green tea bingsu which was more wallet friendly.

It’s filled with shaved white milk ice, green tea syrup and powder, chocolate sauce, red bean paste, a scoop of green tea ice cream and sprinkled with nuts. If it’s not sweet enough, they still provide an additional shot of diluted condensed milk which I really did not fancy. I’ve been used to condensed milk being thick and creamy, not diluted like sweet skimmed milk….

Anyway this bingsu at $13.90 was quite delicious. The 2 of us finished this in no time. Though sweet, the coldness and green tea made it easy to savor.

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