Karafuru desserts

This dessert house earned many positive write ups. So we decided to try and pen our two cents. We arrived on a Saturday (late afternoon) and it was packed though no queue. After waiting for about 15min, we got a seat. 

The cafe was simple and neat, white and clean would be how I’d describe how it looked. There was a communal table right at the door. 

This place is known for their eclairs and parfaits. As per the owner, every ingredient is made in house. 

There were many different types of eclairs but many of their parfaits were sold out so we did not try any. 

 We ended up ordering 6 eclairs 

 From top left 

  • Irish cream $7
  • Passion fruit $6
  • Black Forest $7
  • Yuzu $6
  • Jasmine matcha $6
  • Ichigo cheesecake $6

We also had flat whites ($5 each) and lupicia soba seed stem tea ($6). I love lupicia teas!!! But flat whites were an utter disappointment as tasted like diluted coffee with a tinge of milk. Moreover I think they used uht instead of fresh milk. 


Overall we’d give this place a pass. We might return to try their parfaits, but eclairs and coffee wise, I’d go for L’eclair.

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