Jubilee coffee house – experience Singapore in the 60s

The management behind Jubilee coffee house is the same as The Coastal Settlement. They are really good in transporting patrons back to the old times, with very retro styling of their restaurants. 

The Jubilee coffee house is located in Changi, about 2mins walk away from coastal settlement and is a bungalow turned into restaurant, perched on top of a hill. Parking is quite limited but there’s a public space beside coastal settlement available with ample lots.

 The interior reminded us of our grandparents’ homes which included wooden/ teak chairs with removable cushions, porcelain edged frames, oil paintings, caned furniture, display shelves of crockery, and more. There is a balcony on the 2nd level and they play English and mandarin songs from the 60s and 70s throughout the restaurant. Some of us may be able to sing along too!!

Jubilee serves local and western cuisines. We tried a few dishes and all were decent. However, drinks weren’t so promising but then again, we only tried iced lemon tea. 

 iced lemon tea – very diluted and we would give it a miss the next time.

Shoestring fries were actually quite crispy and savory but we did not take a photo. The same fries come with some western dishes as well. 

Pork cutlet rice with curry – very generous portion of pork cutlet, lots of potatoes and gravy, fit for 2 to share.    

Jubilee’s horfun – fragrant with sesame oil, with wok hei (锅气 – scent of the wok), full of seafood and tender pork slices, nicely fried horfun and a side of green pickled chili. The version with clams (which they offered when there was no mussel) had quite a bit of sand but the mussel version (which we had the next time) was fine. 

Sliced fish noodle soup – soup was nice and thick with fragrance of Chinese wine but a little sweet. Ample fish and comes with vegetables. 

Chicken chop – which came with the yummy fries and well cooked chicken thigh with crisp edges. The chicken piece was quite small though. 


Fish and chips – (no photo) was more generous with 2 pieces of tender and soft fish in breaded crumb. We’d much prefer of they’re served with beer battered crust.

Mee goreng – quite flavorful and served with lotsa egg, tofu, prawns, squid, tomato, vege and a lime, but the taste could be enhanced with more wok hei. 

Now for desserts, we tried chendol and bo bo chacha. I did not quite fancy the chendol but some liked. The bobo chacha on the other hand reminded me of what my mum would make but the Jubilee’s version was a tad sweeter. The first time we tried there was the colorful chewy cubes but the next time, they ran out and replaced the chewy cubes with big sago instead. 

Overall we enjoyed the food, service, and ambience of this old school restaurant. It’s a good place to hang out as it’s never overcrowded.

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