Pantler – fine Japanese cakes and sweets

Pantler is a small establishment located at Telok Ayer. It’s a simple and cosy 25 seater serving good coffee and delectable sweets. 

  Owner Matthias Phua and chef Tomoharu Morita believe in using the finest ingredients (flour from Japan, butter from France, fruit juice for their Pate de fruits and so on) for their products. They are friendly and so is the crew. 

Some of their delicious cakes include seasonal puits d’amour which is a hollow centered pastry stuffed with banana and rum as well as tropical colada which is a pina colada fruit tart. The rest of the flavors include  Amber, ruby tart, strawberry shortcake and many more.


  Other than cakes, they also have sandwiches and pastries 

There’s also other sweets and chocolates to take away. The almond chocolate was also really good.

And the kitchen creating all the marvelous sweets! 

  We also tried their milk jam (dulce de leche) which is good for those who fancy sweet thickened milk. Their coffee was good. We had spiced pumpkin latte and flat white. 

For the cakes and pastries, we had the puits d’amour which was one of the more unusual taste and it’s not made with just banana essence but real mashed bananas. Rum wasn’t too strong but enough for us to know its added. 

 Amber was made of French apricot and chocolate ganache, with a topping of chocolate almond. Please pardon the not so flattering photo as we were too eager to dig in. It was very good!

We also tried their ricotta cheese tart which was the slightly heavier version of their 2 types of cheesecakes, figaro which was made of strawberry raspberry and mascarpone as well as their choux creme which was freshly piped with vanilla cream when ordered, orange pound cake slice, dark chocolate pound cake slice and fruit cake slice (brandy, figs, walnuts, raisins and orange confit). I actually doggy bagged these 6 products and a pineapple lemon jam. Matthias instructed that the choux cream and figaro should not be kept for more than a day. But they were so good we finished all of them (except the jam) on the same day! And I could only take photos of the choux creme…

 I cannot resist mentioning their Instagram site with lotsa beautiful photos of their creations. Can’t wait to go back and try more flavors.

Update just before Christmas (2015)

We went back to try more cakes. The ones we preferred were the black forest and lemon tart out of the remaining strawberry shortcake, cherry tart and the roll cake. 

 Some gifts for friends 

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