Recent cafe tastings – Blk 56 Eng Hoon St coffee shop & The Daily Roundup

One recent weekend, we tried the Yong tau fu and pasta for lunch at Blk 56 Eng Hoon St coffee shop. It’s a small place and we’d recommend going early. For big groups more than 5, it maybe hard to get a table especially when the bigger tables are outside the coffee shop and there were only 3 of them.

Business was brisk for both the Tiong Bahru yong tau fu and Ah Bong’s Italian. And the coffee shop really only offered these 2 stalls other than drinks counter.

Tiong Bahru yong tau fu serves up the Hakka version, where most items are deep fried. Some patrons eat there and tabao (take away) the yong tau fu items too. We liked the yong tau fu, but some items maybe too salty like the beancurd skins. The soup was tasty but we saw the owner adding heaps of powder into it, wonder if it’s msg, or some flavoring.

Ah Bong’s Italian was quite raved about on social media. Their menu is not fixed so when we were there, we tried their birthday pasta. Service was good, one of the all guys team came over to ask if the pasta was ok. Well the price ($7) was reasonable. Though the pasta was pretty tasty, we could not see the ingredients, other than a few measely bits of bacon.


After lunch, we headed down to The Daily Roundup  for some crepes which were also pretty popular. 

It’s a spacious cafe and the menu contained mostly drinks – alcoholic, non alcoholic, juices, coffee, etc… And of course crepes and other small bites. They’ve an ice cream/ gelato counter too.

 They’ve nice coasters. While coffees with milk such as lattes/ flat whites were alright, long blacks/ americanos were too acidic for our liking. 

The crepes were delicious but a little overpriced. Of the 3 flavors we had, the winner goes to the yuzu butter crepe ($17 with ice cream), next the salted caramel ($12) and finally the peach ($18). We’d come back again for the yuzu butter crepe!!

 We enjoyed a satisfying afternoon dining at these conservation areas.

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