Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square

In Singapore, we have integrated resorts, integrated education, integrated systems and an integrated Japanese emporium like Shokuhin. It’s a one stop for fresh seafood, aged meats and supermarket for foodies. In addition, there are 7 restaurants around the whole area so shoppers have no lack of places to eat. 

The emporium is not really huge but stocks enough interesting products to keep patrons interested. They’ve got a good sized refrigerator to age the meats. Good selection of Japanese beers, snacks, frozen section and the biggest area dedicated to their live seafood. Their ice creams were pretty good too. But only selected flavors were available for takeouts. There was also a small section on Korean foodstuff.

We had dinner at restaurant Vino+umi. Food was not bad but a little pricy.  They had a nice selection of Japanese whiskey.

 And the food we ordered were  lobster crab bisque with 2 tiny pieces of lobsters, crab cakes were served with a nice mayo dip, beef stew was quite ordinary, sea bream pie was interesting. The crispy filo crust reminded us of roti prata and the fish was fresh and not overcooked. My sister was subsequently picking the sides of the plate as she loved those crispy bits stucked around it.

We bought this delightful yuzu yoghurt liquor or sake from the supermarket to end the night. 


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