Tang Yun Cantonese restaurant at Tanglin Club

Tang Yun is Tanglin Club’s new addition to their dining outlets. The restaurant is located on level 2 just above the club’s reception and its entrance was inconspicuous. It was not a big restaurant and was simply decorated with 2 or 3 private dining rooms. 




Dim sums are available daily till 2.30pm and their ala carte menu while not very extensive, was decent with a few dishes under each category of appetizers, meats, seafood, vegetables, etc… Vegetarian options are available. Menus available Here.

We were served unsalted nuts and raisins mix to nibble before the dishes came, healthy! Then we started off with the Tanglin Club 2014 Pinot noir and a mixed roast meat platter of bbq pork (char Siew), roast duck and roast pork (sio bak). We were impressed with the bbq pork, so tender and the fragrance is not of the usual charred meat, it’s got that delicate smoked taste which was quite special. The roast pork skin was crispy and e cut of meat was not too fatty.  


Stir fried Wagyu beef cubes with black pepper and Longan were served medium. They were little tasty morsels of tender, well prepared meat with some baby asparagus and interestingly accompanied with longans. The presentation of this dish does not do justice for its taste.

Poached fillet of silver cod in Chinese rice wine was a very light dish most ladies would appreciate. The stock tasted nourishing with just the right amount of wine fragrance, combined very well with the ginger and scallions. The fish was lightly poached but cooked through, so soft and delicate. The black stuff were fungus.

Poached local spinach with 3 kinds of eggs was baby bayam with egg, salted egg and century egg in superior stock. This dish was good and tasty but nothing special. 

Stir fried eggplant and minced meat in spicy sauce was one of the dishes under claypot category. It was served on top of a flameless stove and this dish exudes amazing fragrance and was very tasty! We absolutely loved it! 

 Fried rice with scallops, crab meat, fish roe & diced mushrooms recommended by one of the wait staff was the most disappointing dish of the evening. There was no wok hei, not much seafood nor taste. But thanks to the eggplant dish, the fried rice was more palatable. The presentation of this dish was interesting though, it came in an earthen pot resembling ancient rice storage urns.

Desserts were chilled mango purée sago pomelo and cream of red bean with glutinous rice dumplings. We were appalled at how little the mango purée was served. For a dainty person, the serving could be finished in 2 mouthfuls. It was nice though as we could taste fresh mangoes in it. The portion of red bean cream and dumplings was normal. The cream was smooth and not too sweet, there were 2 sesame dumplings. 

Overall the meal was very good and we’d love to be back again to try more dishes. Prices were quite decent and as they just opened for the first month when we visited in early Jan, there was a 50% off for our meal! A pleasant touch to end the dinner…

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