Taste paradise @ ion revisited 

We tried their Dim sum spread about a year ago and thought the meal wasn’t too bad. This year for the Huby’s birthday meal, we went for dinner and really liked what we ordered.

We’ve taken a few pages of their extensive menu. Prices were quite reasonable and the four dishes we ordered were very satisfying. Service was also very good compared to lunch as it’s not as crowded.

Shark cartilage soup with wild fungus and bamboo pith was the creamiest and thickest cartilage soup I’ve had. It was delicious! Though it wasn’t a big bowl, it was enough to fill me up to a comfortable level with the additional mushrooms and bamboo pith. 

 Did not really fancy their classic XO carrot cake as the cubes were deep fried then tossed in XO sauce and egg/ bean sprouts. Would have preferred the non deep fried version but the huby likes this and it’s his birthday! 

Stir fried coral clams & asparagus in XO sauce was divine. Slightly crunchy clam meat and fragrant shrimpy/ scallopy xo sauce went very well together. The asparagus added a hint of freshness and additional crunch. 

Now comes the very humble braised tofu with mushrooms and vegetables. The tofu were soft and pillowy while the vegetables were cooked al dente to crisp perfection. The mushroom slices were huge and thick and flavorful! We loved this.

We may be able to skip dim sums but we’ll definitely be back for more of their dishes in the main menu.

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