Uma Uma Ramen @ Millenia Walk

Uma Uma had a dry ramen which I was keen to try. It’s also meatless which was healthier!  

The restaurant is tucked at a corner on level 2 along a stretch of restaurants together with saboten, chabuton and more. It was about 7pm when we arrived and there weren’t many people. The menu had some grilled and deep fried dishes and ‘barbites’ other than ramen. 

We weren’t up for much food so ordered 2 ramens, the mazesoba and bushi tonkotsu ramen. I liked the mazesoba which was simple but tasty. Although there was no meat, it was very satisfying! The bushi ramen on the other hand was a little heavy. Delicious thick soup but the onions though I like onions weren’t my cup of tea as they tasted raw and was quite strong. Omit the onions and it’s a good bowl of ramen. 

There were some nice sakes displayed on their shelves. However, they do not sell them here. We were advised to try our luck at their bar at Forum Shopping Mall. 


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