Nobelhart & Schmutzig Speiselokal

Congratulations to the recently awarded 1 star Michelin restaurant Nobelhart & Schmutzig. Expect fresh local ingredients sourced from areas around Berlin delivered daily, prepared using traditional and simple methods by the excellent team of kitchen staff, sommelier and waiters. The modest team encouraged memories, not pictures. So we asked for permission and took some. An interesting thing to note was that guests had to ring the doorbell for entrance. We had not known and were sitting outside for 10 minutes before realizing.

Guests were seated along the long tables around the kitchen/ food preparation area. However, perhaps we made the last reservation or we had special privileges, we were seated where the “Bürgermeister” tag was. From Wikipedia, A Burgermeister is chairman of the executive council (or cabinet) in many towns and cities in Germany.

The food was indeed minimalistic and delicious. We had really enjoyed the meal but as we were rather tired from not sleeping on the 16hr flight to Berlin, we had to rush the wait staff to serve us at a faster pace. We really felt bad, but thank goodness for the very understanding team and the chef personally served us one of the course and checked if we were enjoying the meal.

We were recommended an Italian sparkling red (cantina della volta rimosso lambrusco di sorbara D.O.C) and a beetroot fruit juice (2nd photo below -Aronia berries, juniper and beetroot cold pressed – earthy, herbally, clean tasting, tangy and red!! ) which were both light and refreshing. They had an extensive and interesting wine list and we recommend taking a look when dining there.

The degustation menu could be tweaked a little of the staff is aware of any allergies or preferences.

Smoked eel with fresh radish sprout home grown, delivered daily. Savory well smoked eel, not too salty with a tinge of spicy kick from the sprouts.

Baby leeks lightly grilled, sprinkled with salt and olive oil milk emulsion

Sourdough and home churned raw butter aged 4 wks. Crunchy thick crusted bread, with Parmigiano tasting butter which looked like Parmigiano where they broke off. I could go on and on with the bread.

Ike jima, a way of killing the fish quick and letting blood drain. Only 3 places in Berlin offer this type of processing. Fish caught and aged for a few days lightly cooked, skin off, onion jam and and served on a warm plate. The taste of the fish and onion really marries well. Simple yet elegant.

2 versions of naked oat half cooked – goat cheese still runny and the other version onion grilled and smoked itself. The pay tasted nutty and looked like risotto, definitely more finesse compared to usual risotto.

Asparagus 2yrs old – crunchy stalks with green hedge garlic sauce and quark (cheese before its cheese, enzymes with milk)

black salsify or winter asparagus and leindotterol oil, lamb or Kohlrabi served with wild garlic flower

Potato soup, blood sausage slice and mustard on top. Smooth creamy potato soup with vinegar & white wine

Rhubarb slices, wheat grass sugar ice, cherry plum blossom cured with sugar. Everything should be eaten together.

Egg ice cream, barley malt (for beer making), raspberry schnapps made in Germany? Think egg nog

Upon leaving the restaurant, we were given a little sweet which tasted like breakfast bar, muesli, fruity, really tasty ball.

It was a great restaurant and we would recommend to anyone who visits Berlin.

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