Transit in Doha – Hamad International Airport Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Transiting in Doha is a pleasure indeed. The airport (HIA) itself is a shopping paradise with shops and restaurants open 24hrs, it does not matter what time passengers arrive. It’s huge and spacious, modern and with ample Apple iMac terminals scattered all over the airport, free wifi available and that Urs Fischer giant yellow teddy bear which costs QR 25million own by the Qatar royal family in the center of the retail area, what’s not to love about the airport?

If you love fragrances, there are a number of private/ limited collections for D&G, CD, and more.

After exploring the airport, it’s time to chill at the Al Mourjan Business Lounge. The entrance is in the middle of the retail area not far from the teddy bear. The lounge staff scans the boarding pass and welcomes passengers to the lounge. It’s by far the most impressive lounge I’ve ever been. Huge, open feel, high ceiling, 10000 square meters of relaxation and dining space!

They also have private resting pods (wooden separations) manned by one or two staff which is a very quiet and check in required area but rather limited as well as some not as exclusive sleeping pods (grey panels) available on the other side of the lounge.

For some dining options, choose from the very casual deli, salad and sandwich bar, or the bar & restaurant if you wish to be served. I’d say the sandwich bar is probably the best bet (pick premium ingredients to make up your personalized salads and sandwiches. Sandwiches are pressed so they are warm and crispy) as though food is served at the restaurant on the upper level, they are similar to plane food. My beef was overdone but the soup and samosas were pretty good.

Other areas include family and kids chillout rooms, game room, business area, prayer rooms and more.

If you wish to freshen up, the bathrooms cum toilet were also great! They are clean and spacious, toiletries, towels provided. Hairdryer provided upon request but no combs and toothbrush or other amenities. Toothbrushes were available from the main toilet though.

Overall the experience at the HIA was very enjoyable. Though I arrived at about 2am, I totally enjoyed myself wandering around the terminal and lazing at the lounge before my next connection at 7am. I’d give the HIA and the business lounge 9/10 and will look forward to the next time I transit in Doha!

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