Julien Royer is one of our favorite chefs since he was with Jaan. And Odette had been one of the restaurants we’ve always wanted to try and we finally did. Odette certainly lives up to its 2 star Michelin status.

We loved everything about the restaurant. The soothing decor with pastel colors, simple yet elegant furnishings, ample natural light but never glaring, and the very calm kitchen staff throughout our 2hr lunch. Wait staff wore smart uniforms and the pacing of dishes served was perfect.


Diners can choose from a vegetarian or non vegetarian, 6 or 8 course menu. We went for the non vegetarian and were delighted with the meal.
Canapés – very dainty and delicate prelude to our lunch, consisting of 4 deliciously petite morsels.

The amuse bouche – wild mushroom tea, walnut, buckwheat, cep sabayon was one of our favorites. We were told to gently mix/ stir and drink from the cup. Full mushroom flavors bursting with every mouthful, so satisfying.

Breads – worth mentioning as we finished the whole plate in addition to the set meal! They serve the breads with unsalted butter and lard. Yums!

Hand dived scallops ‘au naturel’ dashi jelly, jalapeño, ikura – refreshing and appetizing.

Heirloom beetroot variation – white, golden and red beet…. this was a very earthy and interesting dish of salt-baked beetroot, stracciatella ‘artigiana’, honeycomb, beetroot sorbet

Rosemary smoked organic egg – smoked potato, chorizo, buckwheat was beautifully presented in an egg tray with rosemary and dry ice, the egg was then carefully poured onto the smoked potato. Another of our favorites!

Wild Atlantic cod – confit fennel, cupidon tomato, bouillabaisse. The fish was done just right, the accompaniments gave the dish texture and variety of crisp and slightly chewy but enjoyable octopus.

Charred iberico pork neck – smoked cabbage, organic corn, sage jus. Tender slices of pork with different textures of cabbage, corn, seaweed and what tasted like toasted rice powder made this dish rather enjoyable.

Artisanal cheese selection – We were tempted and ended up choosing 4 different cows’ milk cheeses. Condiments include pistachio fruit bread and 2 types of fruit pastes.

  • Abbaye d’echourgnac – a walnut liquor cheese which was interesting but not really to our liking
  • Le petit cellier 
  • Fourme fermier – a blue cheese which is semi hard reminded us of Stilton, was very enjoyable
  • Munster de Vosges – a soft and strong tasting variety made from milk from Vosges. I’d usually stay away from Munster but this one was surprisingly delicious!

Palate cleanser – a refreshing cucumber mint, lemon verbena sorbet which was a delight.

Dessert – lemon tart, Meyer lemon curd, sable breton, basil & yoghurt. Dig in and the basil yoghurt mixes with the lemon curd to form a beautiful white/ green/ yellow swirl. We liked how this dish was plated, simply adorable! Yet another favorite.

Petit fours – intricate, fun and those canalés were really good. The sweet & salty caramel pieces were also delicious – neither too sweet nor too salty.

For 6 courses, we paid $148++ per pax. Cheese at $25++ per serve. Wine pairings at $145++ 

Can’t wait to be back for another indulgence!

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