Por Kee Eating House – Tiong Bahru

Por Kee is one of our favorite eating places for good comfort Chinese food or cze char. It is conveniently located near the city, approximately 10min drive from Orchard Road. 

Prices are reasonable and though it is a no frills restaurant, they have air conditioned seating areas. Dishes are always served promptly.

Some of our favorite dishes include

1. champagne pork ribs which come in 2 versions, the smaller pieces with soft bone and the more luxurious full rib. Depending on preferences, both were tasty and full of meat.

2. The signature home made tofu which is always consistent. Soft egg tofu stir fried with green peas, sea cucumber, mushrooms, with fragrant wok hei and savory sauce go so well with rice!

3. Yam pot – crispy on the outside, soft & fluffy on the inside, was indeed one of the best we’ve had. The chicken chunks, prawns, cashew nuts, and mixed veges of baby corn, onion, carrots were deliciously stir fried with oyster sauce.

4. Fried seafood udon was also full of wok hei, fish, prawns and mushrooms. Udon had the QQ texture, recommended!

5. Stir fried vegetables of any kind. We usually order nai bai (dwarf/ baby Bok choy), kailan or dou miao (pea shoots). Simply stir fried with oyster sauce and chopped garlic, simple yet delicious!

6. Other dishes we tried were not as good as the above 5 but we’re still delicious – crispy roasted chicken, spicy lala (clams), cereal prawns

In addition, the chili from por kee was great too… 

Our meals usually cost about $25 – $35 per head.

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