Kuala Lumpur 2016 – the food and shopping

What’s good and what’s not in this trip…

Yaw Fatt Restaurant – near Sunway Resort & Spa best known for claypot Lou shee fun/ Low shu fen (mee tai mak) with an uncooked egg yolk in the middle to be mixed with the noodle. 

Price per person – approx RM 10

Would I return – not for the mee tai mak. Very reasonable price and perhaps good dish to fill one up. However, not worth the calories as the mee tai mak tasted ordinary with no wok hei nor claypot fragrance. Local coffee was also quite light.

Dragon-I restaurant – at Sunway pyramid for good Cantonese simple food. 

Price per person – approx RM 60

Would I return – perhaps for the milk tea, pipa tofu and fried mixed veges.the porridge consistency was very good however, the fish paste was too bland and the shredded salted pork tasted like it’s been marinated in mandarin peel, not too used to that. 

Go noodle house – jayaone branch serves up delicious and healthy rice noodles… Well done in quality and quantity.

Price – approx RM 20 per pax

Would I return – definitely as loved the bursting meatballs and grouper rice noodle soup. The superior soup was light and tasty, no msg and comes with the option of adding Chinese wine (shaoxing). Appetizers were always crispy beancurd skin (even when dipped in soup), very delicious bak kua and nice ngo hiang. Tau huay (beancurd pudding) was also good. So glad to be introduced to this restaurant.

Simple life – Sunway pyramid mall for delicious vegetarian feast! Quite popular, reservations preferred.

Price – approx RM30 per pax

Would I return – definitely. The food here is reasonably price for the quality and quantity. It may not be an everyday meal compared to other options but one of the best. Must tries – Assam curry fish meal, lei cha (thunder tea) meal, abalone mushroom meal, black sesame soy milk.

Fong lye Taiwan restaurant
– Sunway pyramid mall – popular Taiwanese cuisine hits the mall…

Price – approx RM40 per pax

Would I return – not likely, perhaps I’ve had much better food which cost much lesser in Taipei so won’t miss anything from here. Good for first timers experiencing Taiwanese fare… Stir fried snow peas with lily bulb and deep fried oysters were good. Sweet potato balls were very popular almost every table orders a serve. Pass on the sliced duck vermicelli.

Moon kee – Jalan 19/3 petaling jaya – my favorite Always Must eat fish noodles.

Price – approx RM15 per pax

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be back!

Sinnaco durians – Jalan 19/3 petaling jaya – after some fish noodles, head to this corner stall for any kind of durian your heart desires either to eat in or takeaway… Durian fans alert! 

Price – approx RM 50 per pax

Would I return – perhaps if I’m there for fish noodles… I’m not an expert in durians but felt that the durian quality were good. Bought 3 durians and all tasted creamy and slightly bitter with lots of flesh… And did not know a buffet would sell out…. (See price chart)

KLCC – Kuala Lumpur city Centre to check out the amazing petronas tower and high end shops… Enjoy a cup of coffee watching people go by…

Mitsui outlet park – last minute shopping before hitting the airport. It’s so close to the airport that not many bother to drive out so it’s rather quiet and nice to shop compared to other malls like Sunway, klcc or midvalley. I got some shoe bargains as well…

– KL international airport departure hall – grandma’s restaurant

Price – approx RM35 per pax

Would I return – yes if I haven’t had time for a meal before arriving at the airport for my flight back. Food here tasted better than some of the other airport restaurants in the same area. I had the nasi ayam istemewa (fried chicken, sambal prawns, beef rendang and coconut rice) as well as a cup of Teh Tarik. It was a satisfying meal!

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