Burnt Basque Cheesecake

Hello hello, it’s been such a long time since posting anything on this blog…hope everyone’s keeping safe and well! It’s been crazy hectic, and fortunately or not due to the Covid19 pandemic, life seemed to slow down allowing some time to catch our breaths amidst uncertainties. It’s a great time to take a step back and do things we enjoy as best as possible.

Still love good food and cooking and so with all the rave about the infamous burnt basque cheesecake, I’m gona try making one. It is simple as many claim so I’m convinced now that I’ve tried…

Doesn’t take much time to prepare and whip up the batter, and it only took 35min to bake. Before we start, please set your oven to 220 degC. So let’s get baking, shall we?

Ingredients – what’s shown was only enough for 1 small 4″ cake tin. The other was just for illustration for slightly shallower tins where parchment/ baking paper may pop up. Just place 2 clips to secure the paper. Double lining the tin gives more support when the cake rises and the batter would not overflow
If the spatula is able to smear the cream cheese to the consistency for spreading on bread to make a sandwich, it’s ready

Was the 35min wait worth it? I’d say yes! The kitchen smelled heavenly and the results for a 1st try was just encouraging! Seeing the cake rise in the oven, the browning at the top, shouts excitement!

Fresh out from the oven… looked like it’s spilling out of from height of tin and perhaps due to my oven the baking was not even. Cracking of cake is normal and it jiggles!
After cooling for an hour, shrunk a little
The sides looked promising too, slightly browned

Verdict – In addition to its simplicity to prepare, it was neither heavy or cloying but light and fluffy. I tried after an hour when it’s cooled and still warm and again after leaving in fridge for 4 hours. Both versions were great! Have it with an espresso, oolala!

If you tried this recipe, please leave a comment on how it went and if you liked it… cheers and stay safe!

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