Tofu rare cheesecake

Restriction of travels due to the global covid crisis has led to trials and discovery of homemade burnt basque cheesecake, caramel almonds & salted pretzels and this tofu rare cheesecake. Missing this version of cheesecake so much i had to try making it!

This version is simple, no base needed, no baking needed. The idea is really to dig in with a spoon and eat it like ice cream! Let’s get to the ingredients…

Ingredients enough to make 2 x 4inch pan or any bowl will do.


  1. If you have a blender, simply add everything and blend away till smooth & silky.
  2. If not, having a masher, spatula and mixer works too
As I ‘manually’ prepared the mixture without a blender, had to sieve it once otherwise there will be bits of tofu. For a much smoother texture, sieve one more time.

I also preferred not to add any gelatin to keep ingredients at the minimum
To add more kick to the cheesecake, added some berry jam at the bottom of the pan then then top up the mixture
Chill for 3hrs or freeze for those who prefer a frozen, more refreshing texture
The cheesecake may look rough but it really did not taste grainy

Having it plain was great and there was a slight tofu fragrance. For those who prefer to mask the tofu taste, addition of berry or any fruity jam will do the job.

The frozen version was nice too, slightly lighter than the already light cake and best for a hot sunny day! If anyone tries this please leave comments on how to improve the recipe, any suggestions are welcome!

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