Orange, cranberry oat cookies

For those who like soft and cakey cookies, try this recipe. This citrusy batch will leave the kitchen smelling like sweet orange and the cookies went well with hot or iced chocolate.

To go with the citrusy base, soaked the cranberries in cointreau to soften them and soak up the orange liqueur. The ingredients will make 22 cookies.


This batch of cookies will only spread a little, so they could be placed with less space in between
For the last 5 cookies, experimented with some chewy ginger candies. Mixed them onto the batter and worked well.

Cookie recipes are quite versatile and interesting. Different proportions of butter and sugars (ratio of white and brown) result in different textures – cakey, crispy or chewy…. hopefully I’m able to share my favourite recipe with everyone one fine day. Have a good weekend!

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