Stewed soy spiced chicken

Having stewed soy dishes are a norm since young and it’s really comforting to have a savory stewed or braised dish to go with simple white or mixed grain rice whatever the weather is.

This is a one pot dish which reminds me of mum’s cooking and is quite simple to prepare. I used chicken winglets but any part of the chicken works except minced as they may break apart during the cooking process. Let’s get started…

The dried mushrooms need to be soaked till softened. Then wash the mushrooms to dislodge any dirt and sand. Cut the stems off and soak a little longer till they become plump like a ‘sponge’ and can squeeze the liquid out before cooking. The stems and soaking liquid should be kept for cooking later.

Garlic while stewing or cooking for some time tend to soften and could become mushy. So they can be left with their skins to stay intact as much as possible. They should be smashed to release fragrance and flavor. If garlic skins loosen while cooking, just remove them.

Prepare some chicken stock to add in case the liquid is not sufficient to cover the winglets and eggs in the pot. Ingredients enough for 4 – 5 pax

The braised meat spice bag has 5 spice ingredients like clove, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, etc but if there are others like szechuan pepper and dried chili, they add a punch


I mixed corn and sesame oil. Once the oils are heated, add garlic and fry till fragrant
Do not discard the marinating liquid as they can be added to the stew
If more liquid is needed, add chicken stock
Let the eggs absorb the flavors

Savory wings and soy eggs… perfect for a satisfying meal with some greens and red cut chilies!

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