Kempinski limousine, giant swing, Mont famous milk & toast, flower market

Every time we are in Bangkok, we never really got to visit the touristy places. This time, we wanted to go out of the city to visit some and thought of using the hotel limousine. 

The stay at Siam Kempinski gets better each time and their limousine was made to impress. The driver Mr.Jo was already on standby at the lobby 10 – 15min before the time we were supposed to depart with our itinerary on hand and planned out where to head first. The hotel owns 8 Mercedes Benz S class as well as other vehicles for larger groups of 6 – 8. The limousines are fitted with personal seat adjustments, head/ neck rests, adjustable air conditioning, tv screen. Remote control and all types of phone chargers were provided with fast wifi inclusive. Chilled bottled water and wet towels were also provided. Rate per hour wasn’t cheap  at 1200 baht but worth the price to feel the luxurious confort and a driver who is polite, understands English and will not bring us to places we do not want to, such as detours to tailor or souvenir shops. There is a minimum 2hr booking for the limousine.

As we wanted to visit the Giant Swing in Phra Nakhon, a religious structure to take photos, Mr. Jo recommended a popular milk & bread shop, Mont (Mont Nom Sod). We passed Mont on the way to the swing and there was a queue of about 20 people. We quickly took photos of the swing and headed to the shop at about 3pm when it just opened and was already packed and all tables occupied. The shop actually sells all sorts of flavored milk, all sorts of flavored coconut jams (kaya as we call in Singapore), many flavors of toasts and various breads and pastries. Many bought in bulk, bottles or milk and jams while some queued for Kaya toasts. We tried their Thai iced milk tea and their original fresh milk, Both were creamy and nice. There is also a branch at MBK (Ma Boon Krong) near Siam Square which is easier to get to.

The next stop was the 24 hr flower market (Pak Klong Talad). It wasn’t what I had expected where we would find a huge compound filled with flower stalls. Instead, the flower stalls lined along a few streets and we had to walk along them to view the fresh flowers. As it was also quite warm, we only walked around for 15min or so.

We will be sharing more of our day out and about in Bangkok in the next post…. 

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