Kempinski The Spa – Bangkok

We spent quite abit of time in the hotel this trip and it was great exploring the various services they provide. The Siam Kempinski hotel, the interesting dinner at Sra Bua and the impressive Limousine service were not the only features of the luxury hotel/ resort chain. The spa also made me feel pampered before and after the massage…

*tip – do be punctual as the spa is popular and gets booked out. If a guest is late, treatment time gets shortened.

  1. Guests were greeted by the friendly and polite receptionist
  2. Guests get to try out various Harnn spa products and the same was offered at the gym where we could bring into the shower.
  3. Spacious and clean treatment rooms with ensuite separate toilet and shower sections
  4. The spa offers seasonal (spring, autumn, winter, summer) treatments and when I was there, they had a coconut treatment on promotion which I went for
  5. Well trained masseuse with years of experience, polite and very attentive to guests’ problem areas. My issues were stiff shoulders and back due to occupational hazard of working too hard on my laptop…
  6. Quiet relaxation area equipped with comfortable lounges, fruits and magazines. Lemongrass tea was served with a towel after treatment
  7. Guests were welcome to spend as much time as they wish in the relaxation room
  8. There was also a cosy area for manicure and pedicure

I enjoyed the treatment and though the prices at Kempinski spa can be a few times higher than the other popular chain spas around the Siam area, I’d still choose Kempinski for the cleanliness, comfort, exclusivity and great service.

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